I saw an intriguing question posted on The Joomla Forum™ recently:

I want a [horizontal] menu [in the footer] on the same level as the copyright.forum user, Joomla Forum, 20-Aug-2022

While it‘s certainly possible to perform a CSS fiddle to display a menu module in this format, for example,

footer nav.navbar {
    width: 60%;
footer nav.navbar ul {
    flex-direction: row;
footer nav.navbar ul li {
    padding: 0 1.25em 0 0;

There is an easier wayhttps://ltheme.com/use-the-menu-with-cassiopeia/ (search for the section on "Creating Horizontal Menu in the Header") by making two small changes in the menu module (see the screenshot below):

Horizontal footer menu:  module settings

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