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  1. Joomla-MediaWiki authentication bridge.

    A valid Joomla session allows access to the wiki, without having to log in into the wiki.
    A wiki user profile is automatically created for the user on the first visit.

    There is a companion MediaWiki extension called AuthJoomla 2023 which has to be installed in your Wiki.

    Refer to the for the full description.

  2. Ever wanted to receive a notification when a potential buyer is interested in a sold-out product in your VirtueMart webshop? Now you can, with the freshly released VirtueMart Notify plugin for Joomla and VirtueMart.

    Where VirtueMart currently only sends an email to the customer, VirtueMart Notify will send an additional mail to the webshop owner. It gives you a chance to act quickly on interest in a specific product.

  3. Shows diving visibility informations.
    Divers can enter the information after their scuba dive so others can see where to plan their next dive.

  4. This plugin allows you to configure a cart reservation system with HikaShop.
    With it, when a user adds a product to his cart, the quantity added to the cart will be reserved so that the products in his cart will be available for purchase to him regardless of what the other users do on the website, for the duration of the reservation (which you can configure in the settings of the plugin).
    If the reserved quantity reaches the stock of the product, the stock message of the product will change to indicate that the stock is reserved and the add to cart button will be removed from the product page.
    Also, this plugin comes with a module which allows you to display to the user a countdown of the remaining time until the reservation of the products in his cart expires.

    Easy and quick !
    1) Download the plugin and the module on our website
    2) Install them on your Joomla website (extension manager)
    3) Enable the plugin and configure it via the Joomla plugins manager
    3) Enable the module and configure it via the Joomla modules manager

    The Cart Reservation plugin and its module are compatible with all the editions of HikaShop
    HikaShop 4 or newer required
    Compatible with PHP 5 minimum
    GPL v3
    No limit of time
    No limit of use

  5. xbArticle Manager is a Joomla 3 component to provide some additional tools for backend administration of Joomla content. It provides views for finding Images, Links, Shortcodes and Tags in, or associated with, com_content articles.

    Currently xbArticleMan offers six views in the backend:

    Dashboard - a summary of the counts of articles, tags, images, links and shortcodes
    - Articles:tags - details of the tags assigned to each article
    - Articles:links - shows the...<<> tags in the content, and the related links fields for each article
    - Articles:images - shows the tags in the content, and the intro/full image fields for each article
    - Articles: Shortcodes - lists all of the plugin shortcodes found in each article
    - Article Edit simplified - a simplified article edit screen which allows editing of title, alias, category, tags, and the image and link fields for an article.